I was super excited to be one of the first proof readers of this book. Not just because my sister wrote it and it’s about an amazing nephew but for my love of basketball. This book will introduce the sport of basketball and reinforce some of its unique vocabulary for a young audience. If you have kids you read to or kids that are beginning to read, get this book in their hands!

Jonathan Ward

Amanda’s first book is so much fun to read! Your little one will be begging to read it over and over again. The best part is… so will you! It’s a wonderful way to teach your child about basketball and sportsmanship. This book will definitely help your little one discover the love of reading and books. 

Sarah Sampson

Amanda was meticulous and dedicated to making this book enticing for both kids and adults. It’s such a fun and easy read that you won’t object when you’re asked to read it for the 20th time.

Kayla Ward

“It’s Time to Wake Jake” by Amanda Beth Connolly, is a cleverly written book. It takes the reader on a journey of a day in Jake’s life when he has a basketball game. The story begins in the morning and ends after the game. It’s upbeat, positive and explains some elements of the game. The illustrations are colourful and gives the young reader an opportunity to follow the story through the descriptive drawings. I recommend this book for all young readers!!


This book is perfect for little athletes! The pictures are bright and colourful, and the vocabulary teaches about the skills, drills and strategies for those aspiring to learn the sport or who just plain love basketball. The rhymes are great for older children who are learning to read, and it’s also great as a read-aloud for little kids. My three year old son asks us to read it to him all the time!

Ashley Frampton

My kids are ages 3 and 5, and we are always looking for a great new book to add to our collection. This book is a hit with our kids, thus the 5 star review! My 5 year old is just beginning to learn to read, and the rhythm and repetition in the book are perfect for this stage. He has been able to read almost the entire book by himself, which has given him a lot of confidence. Happy kids = happy mom!

Kesa Robinson

I bought 2 copies of this book. One for my grandson for his birthday and another one for myself to use within my work as an Early Childhood Educator. I enjoy the use of rhyming to allow for a smooth flow of the story. It provides information on passing the ball in the book and a few examples, this is great because then I can bring the book to life in a way and practice the moves with the children. The ending leaves me hoping that there will be more sports for Jake to experience in this series! A great book.

Wendy Hood

It’s Time to Wake, Jake, is a fun read for the kids, with great illustrations. It also highlights important sport lessons like practice, team work and sportsmanship. This book is a family favourite in our house!

Kerri Forfar

Great book. It’s good to see children are being introduced to something that may spark their interest in something that gives them exercise and also gives them an alternative to tv and video games.

Kathy Ward

What a great book!! I read it on Facetime to a friend’s 5 year old grandson. He absolutely loves it! He requests it more often than all the other books & now has it memorized. Looking forward to more books from this very talented children’s author.

Shannon Dougherty

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